Microsoft Ads

Microsoft advertising services to reach untapped audiences

Microsoft advertising services to reach untapped audiences

Microsoft Ads’ (also known as Bing Ads) market share is often significantly underestimated. Nearly 7% of searches conducted in the UK are completed through Microsoft Ads and in the USA that number grows to 33%. With Microsoft Ads, you have the opportunity to reach that untapped audience and gain traction in areas your competitors haven’t yet bothered to explore.

As a certified Microsoft Ads Agency, we are highly skilled at helping companies generate leads and maximise ROI from their Bing pay per click management.

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Microsoft Advertising Partner

We are an accredited Microsoft Ads agency which means we are recognised for our high level of competency in helping our customers exceed their goals. We have access to the Microsoft community and technical experts which ensures our PPC specialists are always fully up to speed with the latest platform developments in Bing pay per click management.

Benefits of Microsoft Ads

Benefits of Microsoft Ads

  • Often less expensive than on Google – overall, keyword bids tend to be lower, averaging at 33.5% cheaper (cost per click).
  • Great targeting options based on device type and OS. Unlike Google Ads, it allows you to opt out of desktop advertisements if you want to solely target mobile users.
  • Granular control by allowing adjustments at ‘ad group’ level e.g. you can assign different ad campaigns to different time zones.
  • Microsoft users tend to be more engaged – in the automotive industry, for instance, users arriving from Microsoft Ads convert at 10%-56% higher rates than those from Google ads.

Our Bing pay per click management services

PPC campaign analysis

We will conduct a full analysis of your current Microsoft Ads campaigns and provide you with a comprehensive report, as well as information on what changes we can make that will add the most value.

Advertising text

We can provide compelling advertising copy to grab the attention of potential customers. We have a team of experienced copywriters who can create ads that will significantly improve your click-through rates.

Keyword selection

We can help you identify the keywords that are most likely to attract interested customers from relevant markets, whilst ensuring that you’re not wasting spend on poor-performing keywords.

Management & analytics

Microsoft Ads requires constant monitoring and adjustment based on continual data analysis. We will actively monitor your campaign performance so that changes can be made when they are most likely to be effective. Most importantly, we will provide you with regular updates and reports on your campaign performance.