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How we helped garden retailer Lazy Susan increase PPC revenue by 196% and generate a return on ad spend of 1530%

Lazy Susan is a high-end garden furniture retailer. Founded in 2007, they have since grown from a ‘business shed’ retailer to a European operation, selling thousands of furniture sets every year.

They approached us to improve the performance of their PPC campaigns – this started off as getting the foundations of the account in order, then once the account was in good health, we’ve since been able to grow the campaigns even further by implementing call tracking, optimising their feeds and pulling revenue data into their Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts. This has provided them with powerful insights to drive business decisions, further develop their campaigns and achieve an impressive return on ad spend.


increase in PPC revenue
increase in ROAS
return on ad spend

How we've helped them

When Lazy Susan initially came on board with us for PPC, their account wasn’t in the best condition so our first objective was to get all the foundations right, ensuring they had a healthy account structure and were fully up to date with any Google changes. This is a critical step for longer term PPC success and to ensure that any future spend yields the biggest possible return.

We then suggested implementing call tracking – the main reason for this was that a significant proportion of their demographic is older and more affluent than many garden retailers, and so are more likely to pick up the phone than place orders online. This allows the customer service reps to enter an order value after the phone call, revealing that the average order value on the phone was typically higher than on the website, and providing more revenue data to the account. This has since provided powerful insights to help guide their decisions.

Lazy Susan Garden Furniture Retailer

Optimising the PPC account

With their Google and Microsoft Ads account, we reviewed and optimised their shopping feeds, created more personalised on-brand ads, and ensured that revenue data was available so that we can use features such as Smart Bidding.

part of our strategy was to optimise campaigns according to stock levels – pulling back when stock is low and ramping up when deliveries arrive. We have helped them improve UX elements on the website (such as making telephone numbers clickable), set up Google Tag Manager and tracking, and set up their Facebook account.

Selling garden furniture online with PPC

The result

None of this would have been possible without firstly getting the foundations right in the PPC account. This has allowed us to significantly increase campaign performance, reduce wasted spend and create a fully optimised account that will yield the biggest possible return for every pound spent.

As a result of a strong account structure, key optimisation and account growth, we have been able to increase revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS) by 23% and 24% respectively in the first year (Mar 2018 – Feb 2019 vs Mar 2019-Feb 2020). We then increased this further in our second year by 196% for revenue and 79% for ROAS to an incredible 1,530%.

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