Twitter Advertising

Performance-driven advertising

Performance-driven advertising

Twitter users are reportedly 31% more likely to be the first to buy new products compared to the online population elsewhere, and two-thirds of Twitter users influence the purchases of family and friends. With stats like that, Twitter is definitely worth considering when it comes to social media advertising.

One of the benefits of Twitter advertising is that you only pay for performance ie. when someone takes the action you want them to take, so it can be a great tool for cost-effective lead generation.

How we can help you

How we can help you

  • Connect with your audience through specific keyword targeting.
  • Achieve meaningful interactions such as app installs and follows.
  • Re-target users who have already engaged with your content.
  • Run low budget campaigns as low as 2-3 pence.

Our Twitter advertising services

Competitive intelligence

Using our machine learning software, Apollo Insights, we can analyse millions of conversations to discover hidden insights your competitors have probably failed to spot. We can also help you understand what your target audience says about competitors’ offers and how your share of voice benchmarks against other brands.

Microscopic audience analysis

We will tap into different micro-segments and learn about their needs, preferences and behaviours. We’ll help you discover new markets that matter to your brand, gather meticulous insights to improve your customer profiles and use that data to create high-performing advertising campaigns.

Comprehensive reporting

We’ll provide up-to-date information on your Twitter advertising campaign performance. We constantly apply foresight data to adjust your bidding strategy, improve targeting and align your campaigns to your business goals. This means we’re only spending your budget on ads that get tangible results.