eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO to help you sell more online

eCommerce SEO to help you sell more online

71% of consumers visit search engines to discover new products, brands and services, and 90% report using search engines at every stage of their buying journey. If your eCommerce SEO is under-performing, you are missing out on significant revenue opportunities – this is where an eCommerce SEO agency can help.

At Vertical Leap, we specialise in eCommerce SEO for companies of all sizes across all industry sectors. Our eCommerce SEO services will help you capture those searchers through content marketing, uncovering untapped keyword opportunities and moving shoppers further down the sales funnel towards purchase.

Our eCommerce SEO services

Industry analysis

Apollo Insights, our proprietary machine learning platform, collates significant amounts of data from your industry so that you can benchmark yourself against your competitors across several metrics.

Data-powered keyword strategy

After assessing your challenges and objectives, we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive list of keyword opportunities. Whether you want to increase your visibility locally or secure your brand a more prominent position internationally, we’ll ensure your keyword strategy works hard to drive more traffic to your website which converts into paying customers.

On-page optimisation

We will advise how your keyword strategy should be applied to your website content, for example, any content gaps that need addressing or new assets you should create. We also have a technical team with extensive expertise in SEO for eCommerce who will ensure your pages are technically healthy and can be easily accessed by the search engines.

eCommerce link building

As part of our eCommerce SEO services, we carry out ethical link building, acquiring high-value links consistently overtime. We know from experience that this is the most effective way to develop a link building strategy that will have the biggest impact on your SEO over time.

Content marketing

From awareness through to consideration and purchase, our eCommerce SEO agency can create new content assets for each stage of your customers’ buying journey. This will help you increase your visibility for a multitude of queries, attract more high-quality links organically and pursue dormant opportunities your competitors have failed to spot.

Frequently asked questions

eCommerce SEO optimises online stores to rank the most important pages in organic search and prevent technical issues from harming visibility. Complex navigation and a high volume of pages make eCommerce websites some of the most challenging to optimise and Google is particularly strict when it comes to websites asking users to spend money.

Technical SEO is a challenge with eCommerce websites and product pages, in particular, need a lot of attention. You need high-quality images but you also have to optimise for loading times and every page needs unique content to help users make purchase decisions and avoid duplication issues. You also have to be careful with interactive elements like shopping cart widgets, as the JavaScript code they rely on can put a strain on browsers and loading times.

This depends on the size of your website and the biggest factor is the range of products you sell. Optimising an online store that sells 12 products is easier than one selling hundreds or thousands of products across multiple categories. The most cost-effective way to optimise an eCommerce website is to get everything right during the development process. Optimising a live website is more complex and you’ll need to start by running an SEO audit to identify any technical issues that need fixing and determine the cost.

As an online retailer, selling products is your priority. People can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist, so the first goal is to ensure your website ranks for the keywords your target customers are typing into search engines. The second is to optimise the on-page experience to prevent usability issues, such as slow loading times, from getting in the way of sales.