Mobile SEO

Effective mobile SEO services to help you get found online

Effective mobile SEO services to help you get found online

Mobile search interactions have been growing exponentially over the past few years, surpassing desktop traffic in many countries. It is reported that 76% of people who search for something nearby on their phone visit a related business within a day. With stats like this, an effective mobile SEO strategy is crucial.

As a credible and established mobile SEO agency, our mobile SEO services will ensure that your website is highly visible in the mobile-first era and provides a positive user experience for users visiting your site on mobile devices.

How we can help you

How we can help you

We have years of experience helping companies get found in mobile search results. Our mobile SEO specialists will:

  • Ensure your website satisfies Google’s latest requirements for mobile-first indexing.
  • Run a mobile audit to mitigate any mobile visibility issues.
  • Optimise for long-tail search queries which are more commonly used in mobile searches.
  • Ensure your mobile visitors enjoy a seamless mobile experience.

Our mobile SEO services

Multi-facet analysis

Using our intelligent automation software, Apollo Insights, our team will conduct a comprehensive investigation of your current SEO status, report on the root causes of any problems and deliver a prescriptive mobile optimisation strategy.

Technical SEO optimisation

Whether it’s a lack of properly structured data for mobile pages or verification errors in Search Console, our team will identify and eliminate any technical issues that might be hindering your mobile SEO. We use a proven blueprint for technical optimisation in line with Google’s best practices.

Mobile UX design

Our UX team can conduct a thorough audit of your mobile experience, identify the weak-performing elements and transform them into high-converting, phone-friendly assets. Whether you want to enable dynamic serving, setup canonical AMPs or improve individual pages, our experts will make it happen.

Voice search optimisation

Voice searches present a double challenge for brands: they are increasingly mobile, yet do not abide by the same rule book as typed-in queries. As an experienced mobile SEO agency, we are fully versed with voice and will ensure that you are optimised for any relevant voice search queries.

Frequently asked questions

Mobile SEO ensures that your website is optimised to maximise search visibility in the mobile SERPs. With the majority of searches taking place on mobile and Google switching over to mobile-first indexing, it’s never been more important to meet the search giant’s “mobile-friendly” criteria and deliver a positive experience for mobile users.

Mobile optimisation aims to deliver the best possible experience for mobile users, irrespective of search engines or external factors. However, modern search algorithms analyse UX and mobile performance so it’s increasingly difficult to separate these disciplines from a search marketing perspective. If you want to maximise your search presence, mobile optimisation is an important part of your SEO strategy.

Yes, but not in the same way you optimise a mobile website. Instead, you optimise your app listing for major app stores like Google Play and the iOS App Store to maximise discoverability and downloads. You should also have a website for your app, which you can optimise to rank in organic search and use as a platform for your content strategy to promote your app – both on your website and through third-party content.

Absolutely. Google sends out emails to website owners listing mobile usability issues or errors detected on their site. Google recommends that any issues are fixed as soon as possible to improve the experience for users and remove any negative impact on your search ranking.

Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm passes a ranking boost to websites that meet its criteria. The bigger problem is poor mobile experiences alienate the majority of traffic coming to your website, killing any chance of conversions or getting these visitors to return. This impacts other metrics that Google pays attention to, including bounce rates, pages visited, time on page and other signals that hurt your search ranking further.