5 key approaches to successful digital PR

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy aimed at increasing a brand's visibility, credibility, and authority on the internet. The goal is to earn high-quality backlinks, drive traffic to the brand's website, enhance its online reputation, and ultimately improve its search engine rankings. If you're embarking on your digital PR journey, here are five approaches that will ensure you get it right.

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1. Proactive digital PR

Take the initiative and actively create, identify and target digital PR opportunities for your brand. Don’t wait for the world to start talking about you. Be your own biggest advocate and spark the conversation with strategic, targeted digital PR campaigns.

Most digital PR strategies aim to secure press coverage, but too many stop at sending out press releases. There’s a time and place for press releases, but the best way to make your brand newsworthy is by being newsworthy.

Apply for industry awards and speak at the events publications want to write about. Better yet, partner with the right organisers and hold your own events. Campaign for causes you care about and give back to communities in any way you can. Give news publications and the general public every reason to talk about your brand.

2. Responsive digital PR

Take full advantage of digital PR opportunities when they come your way. Responsive PR typically falls into two categories: capitalising on positive PR opportunities and managing potentially negative PR instances.

You might find industry trends or a new technology unveil a chance for you to step up and take the lead on pressing issues. Alternatively, they could put you in the firing line and require careful handling or a positive spin. Either way, when a PR opportunity or threat arises, you want a decisive strategy in place that knows how to respond.

3. Linking brand mentions

The best brand mentions include a link to your website. These links can drive invaluable referral traffic and they also send one of the strongest ranking signals to search engines like Google. The problem is, many brand mentions don’t include a link and the total volume of these will increase as your digital PR generates more mentions.

To deal with this, you want a link reclamation system for reaching out to publishers who mention your brand name without linking to your website.

As your digital PR strategy builds momentum, increasingly valuable domains will mention your brand and the reward from reclaimed links only grows.

4. Targeting publications

Getting featured in content on the right third-party publications is central to digital PR. This is where you generate the bulk of your brand mentions and inbound links. It’s also where you reach valuable audiences who aren’t discovering you through search, social and other marketing channels.

We’ll help you identify the most valuable publications for connecting with your audience and raising the profile of your brand.

5. Turning visibility into hype

Simply being visible isn’t enough in today’s attention economy. Every brand is clamouring for the same set of eyes while consumers are bombarded with more marketing messages than their minds can process.

What good is visibility if your target audience is blinded by endless ads and branded content?

Hype is the key to cutting through this noise and capturing your audience’s attention. You need to generate excitement around your brand’s name and everything it does.

Build the hype before you launch that next product or run the next big promotion campaign. Drive enough excitement that your target audience is itching to take action by the time your campaign goes live.

Need help getting your brand out there?

Our digital PR team are experts at helping brands get noticed online – check out our digital PR services here. To speak to our specialists, contact us on 02392 830281 or send us your details below and we’ll be in touch.

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Jo is Head of Content Marketing at Vertical Leap. She has more than 20 years' experience as a marketing and communications professional in financial services organisations and the housing industry. She has grown existing brands and developed and created new brand identities for new products and services. Jo's skills include public relations, social media management, design and production of a range of publications, delivering magazines and newsletters, managing and developing brand, bid production process/ITT responses, content creation, program management, strategy and planning, and creating new products and services. Outside of work Jo has just completed a term at Vice Chair/Chair of Governor at a local school which she has successfully seen through an OFSTED inspection. She is a keen sailor, enjoys running, travelling and a spot of DIY.

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