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Content marketing

Check out our archive of content marketing blogs to learn how to use data to discover content ideas, how best to promote your content on social platforms plus other useful tips and advice.


Content: How to reduce, reuse and recycle

A good content strategy is about a combination of pieces rather than one standout eBook – no matter how good you think it is. This all sounds rather time consuming, and requires a lot of data research and creative thinking, so best book out the entire afternoon for some ideation. Hold on there; why create […]

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Thin content, Google penalties and SEO

What is thin content and why does it matter?

Thin content is not just about Google and SEO, so don’t restrict your focus to the algorithm impact (Panda) or manual penalties. Thin content is part of a much bigger picture! [contents] [chapter name=”Google thin content penalties”][/chapter] I appreciate this post was introduced as thin content being more than just SEO – and that is true – […]

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