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Bitesize blog: What is data science?

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Data is probably the biggest buzzword in modern marketing but actually turning data into profitable business decisions is something of a science. In this bitesize blog, we explain what data science is in simple terms and what it can do for marketers.

What is it?

Data science is all about extracting valuable insights from data – the kind of insights you can turn into business and marketing decisions that improve performance. If you’re looking to turn data into higher profit margins, increased lead generation, higher search rankings or a more efficient paid advertising strategy, data science is the way to do it.

Simply collecting data does nothing by itself. To make a real impact on your marketing efforts, you need to start by identifying which data points hold the information you need, create models for collecting that data effectively and find a way to present all of that information in a way that allows you to extract insights (graphics, charts, etc.).

Data science provides the theory and practices you need to achieve this.

What can data science do for marketers?

In today’s data-driven marketing environment, it’s not much of an exaggeration to say everything starts and ends with data science: Data collection, algorithm development and deployment, data visualisation, machine learning, analytics and so on.

We can’t cover everything it has to offer for marketers in a bitesize blog but we can list some practical examples of what you can achieve to give you a good idea:

The list goes on and you can find out more about the amazing things we’re doing by visiting our blog. Or, if you have any questions, just call us on 023 9283 0281.

George has worked in eCommerce and digital marketing across many industries. Before joining Vertical Leap, he was the Marketing Director for his own company, creating and optimising websites for companies all over Europe. He has a passionate interest in data analytics, data science and machine learning.

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