George Karapalidis

George is an SEO Specialist and Data Scientist in the Portsmouth office. He has worked in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing across many industries, for and with companies all over Europe. Before joining Vertical Leap, George worked as Marketing Director for his own company, for which he managed to expand the company’s activities to 5 European countries. George has been creating websites for more than 10 years and he has in depth experience in designing and bringing optimised E-Commerce websites to market.

Clarity of vision looking through glasses at city skyline

Data-driven attribution modelling explained (part 2)

By George Karapalidis
data visualisation

Bitesize blog: What is data science?

By George Karapalidis
5 apples in a row with one greener than the rest

Marketing attribution models explained (part 1)

By George Karapalidis
data science doodle

How to apply data science to your SEO data

By George Karapalidis
robot drawing formulas on chalkboard

Bitesize blog: What is machine learning?

By George Karapalidis
Face made up of code

4 practical uses of artificial intelligence in marketing

By George Karapalidis
Someone shopping online with images of their purchases flying out

Four use cases for machine learning recommender systems in eCommerce

By George Karapalidis
Data cloud image to illustrate Data science for marketers (part 3): Predictive vs prescriptive analytics

Data science for marketers (part 3): Predictive vs prescriptive analytics

By George Karapalidis
A data science researcher studying data

Data science for marketers (part 2): Descriptive v diagnostic analytics

By George Karapalidis
Traffic lights image illustrating the article Data science for marketers (part 1): Getting your data ready

Data science for marketers (part 1): Getting your data ready

By George Karapalidis
Human eye where the lens is filled with the icons of social media websites such as Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus and YouTube

Three ways to apply data science to your social media

By George Karapalidis
A human face overlaid with a computer grid and multiple screenshots representing big data analytics

5 signs you should invest in data science

By George Karapalidis

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