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Conversion rates doubled with half the spend

Codestone is a SAP and IT managed services company that approached us to help with SEO and PPC. They were facing lots of challenges including expensive click costs, an under-performing website, and trademark issues using the keyword SAP in their Google Ads. Working with our SEO and PPC teams, we helped them double their conversion rate from 1.5 to 3% and reduce Google spend by almost 50%.


Increase in CTR
Reduction in spend
Savings reinvested in other platforms

The challenge

Following a disappointing and underperforming experience with other agencies, Codestone asked us to improve SEO performance and PPC ROI. They had a host of issues – expensive click costs, not enough leads, not enough sales meetings; and a website redesign that had decreased the website effectiveness – coupled with a competitive and expensive marketplace, competing with companies such as SAP, Microsoft and Absoft.

Codestone was further challenged by trademark issues around using the keyword “SAP” in Google Ads.  Google had blocked some ads, believing Codestone to be in infringement of trademark laws, despite Codestone being a SAP Gold Partner.

Codestone SEO and PPC case study image showing Codestone head office

Our solution

We needed to understand what was and wasn’t working in the PPC account. We delegated a lot of this analysis to our algorithms and the data science team surfaced opportunities and threats we found. This informed us where we could make the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

We undertook a full SEO audit and Apollo Insights quickly highlighted content gaps that presented an opportunity to expand the SEO footprint around core products.

Lastly, we used our Google Premier Partner status to arrange and facilitate meetings between Google, SAP and Codestone to address the trademark issues.

Codestone SEO and PPC case study image showing Codestone marketing ads

The result

Our PPC tactics meant that conversion rate doubled from 1.5% to 3% and Google spend was reduced by almost 50%. The freed-up budget was then re-invested in Facebook and Bing to achieve visibility on new platforms where the average cost per click was at least 50% lower than on Google.

The facilitated meetings between Google, SAP and Codestone to address the trademark issues were successful and the Google lifted its restrictions.

“Vertical Leap made a quick inroad on our search marketing and reduced our CPA as promised.”
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