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Creating a global approach for data specialists

Ontrack is a global leader in data recovery. We helped migrate their website and adapt a more global approach to their search marketing campaigns.

The challenge

Ontrack – the global leader in data recovery – identified the need for a digital marketing partner with expertise in PPC and SEO. With their marketing team spread over 25 countries it was key to create a global strategy whilst deploying local strategies to meet country-specific requirements. The initial challenge was to migrate multiple international domains to two sites, then to adapt a global approach to their search marketing campaigns.

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Our solution

Working closely with the Ontrack marketing team, we migrated their global website to a new CMS platform, creating and rolling-out templates and site/URL structures to 21 countries in preparation for the transition. Amongst many other benefits, the new platform offers a speedy translation of new pages into multiple languages, enabling changes to be rolled-out much more quickly.

Following the migration, we focused on content marketing, improving the page regions and creating localised landing pages. We also supported their move to a new CMS.

The main PPC focus strategy was to bring all of the campaigns into a common structure. We created uniform landing pages, used customer feedback to improve performance, and optimised for other key phrases around data recovery to maximise visibility.

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The result

As well as managing the day-to-day SEO and PPC strategies, we have also aligned these campaigns into a common structure so that insights can be easily uncovered across all countries and changes made at scale.

Ontrack now has a single, global strategy for its search marketing. In the first couple of months, global traffic increased by 42% and we continue to work with them to drive more relevant traffic to the sites.

Since then, we have helped them warehouse all their data from CRMs across the world and design a Google Measurement Protocol system to bring revenue back into Google Ads. This has allowed us to further optimise their campaigns for maximum profit, not just cost per lead. It is also helping us provide business intelligence to optimise their customer journey and internal processes.

“Ontrack now has a single, global search marketing strategy. In the first couple of months, global traffic increased by 42%.”
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