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The power of data visualisation to scale complex campaigns

Keytek offers a nationwide locksmith service in more than 100 towns and cities across the UK. They were struggling to increase visibility at a local level so approached us for help. With so many locations, this meant a huge amount of data to analyse to firstly understand their search footprint and then create an action plan . We used data visualisation to reveal where to focus their digital campaigns, which resulted in a 45% increase in conversions.

The challenge

Keytek asked us to increase search visibility for its nationwide locksmith services, located across more than 100 towns and cities. Although a national service, the challenge for Keytek was a lack of local, physical locations; and a large competitive market made up of other national firms and thousands of smaller, independent businesses.

Different locations had varying conversion rates, and to be effective, we needed to analyse vast amounts of performance data to prioritise those locations where budgets and resource offered the best return. We needed to improve relevancy for geographical targets, but the lack of physical locations made local optimisation an issue.

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Our solution

We first needed to understand what the best converting locations were. Using data visualisation heat mapping, we identified where the greatest search demand was, the locations with the most conversions, and where Keytek had the most effective visibility across paid and organic search. This provided us with the insights to understand how to distribute spend to maximise results.

Turning our attention to local optimisation, Apollo Insights gave us prioritised recommendations and insights for the more than 150 Keytek service locations and web pages. With this list of threats and opportunities, we were able to scale the local optimisation by concentrating on the actions that would be most effective.

We then used call tracking so that we could assign revenue back to their Google Ads account. This provided us with powerful insights into which campaigns were generating the most revenue and revealed that some geographical campaigns were generating high numbers of leads but not necessarily converting, whereas other campaigns were generating fewer leads but they were converting at a higher rate.

This level of insights is extremely beneficial as it enables you to investigate why certain geographical areas aren’t converting as well, and ensures that you are investing more in those campaigns with the highest return on ad spend. This has significantly helped to increase the efficiency of their lead gen campaigns.

Keytek PPC case study image showing Keytek employee

The result

Since we began to implement the Keytek search strategies, we have achieved the target ROI that the customer required us to hit to provide a profitable return.  Overall visibility increased, and conversions grew by 45%.

“Working closely with our in-house marketing team and utilising Apollo Insights Vertical Leap has successfully helped us to scale up our search marketing - no other agency has achieved this! We look forward to continue to work together with Vertical Leap and building on this success. ”
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