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A new high-performing website to set them apart

Flying Fish is a maritime education provider whose website allows students to book courses directly. The website was outdated and poorly maintained and needed a design overhaul. Working with our SEO, content and web design teams, we helped them restructure the website to improve the user journey, and review their content in order channel students more effectively towards course information and ultimately conversion.

The challenge

Flying Fish had a website that was designed to enable new students to book courses directly through the platform. However, the company approached us with a common problem – an outmoded and poorly maintained website that was no longer working well.

Left without ongoing upkeep and attention, the site was starting to hinder new bookings. Prospective students were struggling to find what they were looking for thanks to inadequate navigation and an intermittent search function. All in all, the Flying Fish website was holding the company back from converting leads and continued growth.

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Our solution

Examining the course booking process in detail ,we applied conversion rate optimisation to  identify a lack of direction in terms of a clear customer journey. The old site expected people interested in Flying Fish’s courses to piece together their own training requirements rather than guiding them through the process, leading to confusion and high rates of abandonment.

We proposed a restructure of the site based on consumer ‘paths’; a step-by-step approach that would steer users easily from prospect to new student, allowing them to link courses together while still being able to drill down into individual elements.

This path-led approach is an alternative take on the maritime education booking process and we knew Flying Fish would end up with a site very different to that of its competitors.

Flying Fish SEO CRO content and design case study image showing instructor

The result

Calling on the skills of our SEO, content and design teams, we delivered a multi-service action plan. Our content marketing team conducted an audit which revealed that much of the pure content on the site was great, but it needed refreshing and reorganising to form our new consumer paths. Meanwhile, our SEO and design teams worked on an information architecture review to identify how best to structure the new sections, producing a new site map with clearly defined user progression. We then began an exhaustive content proofing process, making full use of our SEO team for peer reviews as well as our own pre-launch checklist. A real team effort that meant no one was working in isolation.

Flying Fish was delighted to start taking course bookings through its restructured website less than a week after it was relaunched – something it hadn’t been able to do for months.

Learn more about our education experience on our education marketing page.

“Vertical Leap helped us understand our customer and the journeys and decisions they take, incorporating this in our website. It made an immediate impact on our online bookings.”
Flying Fish
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