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Helping Gas Safe Register increase brand awareness and significantly reduce cost per conversion through PPC campaigns.

Gas Safe Register wanted to improve the performance of their PPC campaigns and focus more on educating people about the importance of choosing a gas safe engineer. We helped them shift focus from conversion to brand awareness campaigns and reduce spend whilst ensuring as little drop as possible in performance. Results included a 40% reduction in cost per conversion and a reduction in cost per thousand impressions of 44%.

Their challenge

Gas Safe Register is a list of businesses and individuals that are legally permitted to work with gas and related appliances. Managed by Capita, they are the selected partner of the Government Health & Safety Executive and are responsible for running the gas registration scheme in the UK. 

When they came on board, they were running paid search campaigns to: 

  • Increase brand awareness and educate people about the use of gas appliances (brand awareness campaigns)
  • Encourage people to ‘check the register’ when searching for a gas engineer (conversion campaigns)

 Campaigns were under-performing and they had recently pivoted their strategy to focus more on brand awareness and gas safety which is a key business objective.

gas safety register

What we did

With a finite pot of advertising spend, shifting focus meant shifting budget from conversion campaigns to brand campaigns. Our job was to ensure that both campaigns were fully optimised and mitigate any drop in performance that usually naturally occurs with a drop in spend. 

The objective of the conversion campaigns is to encourage people to ‘check the register’ to ensure they use engineers who are qualified and safe. They had a large number of campaigns running and were experiencing ‘campaign bloat’ where campaigns become ineffective, hard to optimise and ultimately waste spend. Our main focus was to consolidate the account into fewer campaigns – this meant that spend was not so diluted and also provided the Smart Bidding AI with larger pools of data on which to base decisions.  The impact of this is that once Smart Bidding has identified what works best, it can then apply changes over a larger group, yielding better results overall. 

On the brand awareness and education side, we focused largely on audience segmentation. Whilst they had already carried out some great persona work, the targeting options available in the display network didn’t match their audiences as well as they would have liked. We helped them re-segment their audiences to better match the targeting options and applied budget to what we saw working best.

gas engineer

The result

The big success about this campaign to date is the disproportionate outcomes compared to the changes in spend, for example:

  • Spend on conversion campaigns decreased by 42% but they only saw a 4% reduction in conversions which is a whopping 40% reduction in cost per conversion!
  • Spend on brand awareness campaigns increased by 25% but impressions rose by 125% which is a reduction in cost per thousand impressions of 44%.

This is a great example of how better optimising your campaigns can lead to significantly improved results for the same or less overall spend.

“We started working with Vertical Leap in March 2023 and have been very impressed with the professional level of knowledge, management and delivery of our digital marketing channels. Their proactive approach has resulted in a significant increase in performance to our paid channel delivery which has gone from strength to strength. We look forward to working with Vertical Leap in the future delivering continued growth of our paid digital channels.”
Paul Cooper, Head of Digital Marketing
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