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Increasing brand awareness and sales on Amazon

Toy retailer Yoto approached us as they wanted to increase brand awareness and sales on Amazon, so we thought Amazon Sponsored Brands video ads – as part of a wider ad mix – would be the perfect strategy for them.

Sponsored brand video ads combine product ads with video footage so are really effective at capturing customer attention when purchase intent is at its highest.



How we've helped them

Yoto sells screen-free, smart speakers for kids and wanted to be the first choice for parents leading up to the festive period. Kids toys is a fiercely competitive industry though so we firstly needed to build awareness of Yoto as a brand within the education and entertainment toy sectors, and then re-enforce the brand throughout the buying journey.

Amazon case study - Girl playing with Yoto toy

The story so far

Our strategy was to use a range of ads on Amazon to nurture users from awareness through to consideration and purchase. We used highly-effective sponsored brand video ads to bring the brand to life, raising awareness and reaching users who were searching for related products.

We then used display ads throughout the consideration stages of the Amazon journey when users were researching similar products. Finally when users were ready to commit, we ensured we maintained strong visibility through banner ads at the top of the page, and through product ads as users scrolled to see which products caught their eye.

Amazon case study - parental settings on Yoto toy

The result

In December 2020, Yoto got over 8 million impressions, successfully connecting with their target audience and generating an impressive ‘return on ad spend’ of 1060%.

This is a fantastic success story so far and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Yoto in the future.

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“Yoto is a fantastic example of using video ads on Amazon to not only increase brand awareness in a highly competitive market but to also drive people towards conversion whilst they are in purchase mode.”
Mike Johnson - PPC Specialist
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