Amazon Advertising

High-performing Amazon advertising campaigns

High-performing Amazon advertising campaigns

Amazon advertising can be extremely cost-effective. The majority of Amazon searches carry a very strong commercial intent and the path to conversion is often short. This makes it a very attractive platform. 80% of users heading to Amazon to discover new products, and 59% of UK millennials start their online buying journeys on the platform. It should be a priority for every retailer.
We are a trusted Amazon advertising agency. Our Amazon advertising specialists know how to get the biggest possible return from your investment, and drive maximum sales.
Amazon Advertising Partner

Amazon Advertising Partner

As an accredited Amazon advertising agency, we are recognised as being in the upper echelon of agencies offering Amazon PPC management, and delivering successful Amazon advertising campaigns.

We can help you:

  • Run keyword-specific ads to promote your product listing in search results and on product detail pages.
  • Occupy prime banner spots in result listings. These are highly effective at moving prospects to the bottom of the sales funnel and for increasing brand awareness.
  • Target users based on their interests or preferences.

Our Amazon advertising services

Advanced keyword research

With the help of our software, Apollo Insights, we’ll identify the most profitable opportunities for your business. We’ll also ensure that you don’t waste any of your Amazon advertising budget on negative keywords.

Algorithmic bidding strategy

Our Amazon marketing experts will help you establish the best ‘cost of sale’ goals. We’ll identify thresholds for sales versus ad spend and optimise your bidding strategy. This will minimise the cost of clicks and maximise conversion rates.

Evaluation, reporting and re-optimisation

We’ll report on the performance of your Amazon advertising campaigns. Our team will also suggest adjustments to refine your Amazon Ads campaign. All our suggestions are data-backed, not assumption-based.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a complete range of Amazon advertising services. These include strategy planning, campaign management and ongoing optimisation. We are an official Amazon Advertising Partner. This means we’re recognised for providing best-in-class advertising services on the platform. Our team members are trained by Amazon to get the best results from the platform. We also have access to insights to help us understand user behaviour on the site.

Amazon advertising promotes your products on the world’s biggest eCommerce platform. Over half of all product searches take place here! People turn to Amazon to browse and buy. This means you’re showing ads to users in shopping mode with purchase intent at its peak. This is the perfect recipe for high-performance ad campaigns.

Amazon advertising is a pay-per-click platform that allows you to pay to drive traffic to your product pages. You can bid on keywords to target relevant searches. You can set your maximum bid and place your product listings at the top of results pages. You can even advertise on rival product pages.

Amazon can deliver excellent conversion rates, ROI and revenue. This is due to the high purchase intent of users. Amazon is designed specifically for shopping so your ads are seen at the very end of the buying process where prospects are ready to hit the buy button.

You could get results from Amazon Advertising by spending as little as £20 per day. However, you’ll quickly max out your returns. As with all PPC platforms, it’s how much you make that matters, not how much you spend. Any profitable PPC strategy generates more revenue than you spend. But the aim is to maximise returns from the budget you have available. This might be spending £10,000 per month to make £19,000 or £60,000 to make £144,000 (both at an ROI of 190%).

Amazon advertising is a fairly new advertising platform. Many agencies have limited understanding and experience of running campaigns on the platform. You’ll get the best results by working with a specialist Amazon marketing agency. Always look for the Amazon Advertising Partner badge.