Amazon Advertising

A priority advertising platform for every retailer

A priority advertising platform for every retailer

Amazon advertising can be extremely cost-effective. The majority of Amazon searches carry a very strong commercial intent and the path to conversion is often short, making it a very attractive platform.

With 80% of users heading to Amazon to discover new products, and 59% of UK millennials starting their online buying journeys on the platform, it is a priority for every retailer.

Amazon Advertising Partner

Amazon Advertising Partner

As an accredited Amazon advertising partner, we are recognised as being in the upper echelon of agencies for planning, executing and optimising Amazon advertising campaigns. Our Amazon specialists have extensive knowledge of how to get the biggest possible return from your advertising investment, and drive maximum sales.

We can help you:

  • Run keyword-specific ads to promote your product listing in search results and on product detail pages.
  • Occupy prime banner spots in result listings, highly effective at moving prospects to the bottom of the sales funnel and for increasing brand awareness.
  • Target users based on their interests or preferences.

Our Amazon advertising services

Advanced keyword research

With the help of our machine learning software, Apollo Insights, we’ll pinpoint the most profitable, least competitive opportunities to pursue for different search query types (exact, broad, phrase). We’ll also ensure that none of your budget is wasted using negative keywords.

Algorithmic bidding strategy

Our Amazon PPC experts will help you establish the optimal Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) goals, acceptable thresholds for sales vs. ad spend and perform continuous optimisation of your bidding strategy to minimise the cost of clicks and maximise conversion rates.

Evaluation, reporting and re-optimisation

We’ll provide weekly or monthly in-depth reports about the performance of your campaigns. Our team will proactively check-in to suggest additional measures and adjustments to refine your Amazon Ads campaign. All our suggestions are data-backed, not assumption-based.