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Bitesize: How to add social profiles to your Knowledge Panel

Categories: SEO

The Knowledge Panel displays information about your business in Google Search, helping to build your brand, search presence and generate new leads. It confirms you’re a legitimate business and provide all kinds of useful info such as location, industry, opening hours, etc. Your Knowledge Panel should also display your social media accounts.

Google's Knowledge Panel showing all the social media profiles linked

Adding social profiles to your Knowledge Panel

Until recently, you had to add code to your website in order to add social profiles to your Knowledge Panel. Google changed this in June 2019 and should now pull them through automatically:

However, we’ve come across a few scenarios where this hasn’t happened, in which case you have to contact Google and request specific edits.

How to edit your Knowledge Panel

  1. Make sure you are verified as the owner of your KP. If you aren’t already, check that you’re signed in to your Google account, search for your brand and then scroll to the bottom of your Knowledge Panel. You should see a link that says Claim this knowledge panel.
  2. Click on this and verify your ownership in Search Console.
  3. Once you’re verified, you’ll see a link at the top of your KP that says Suggest an edit (or Suggest edits on mobile).
  4. Click this link and select social profiles as the content you want to change (you can also change your featured image, title, subtitle, description and various other pieces of info).

Note: You can’t change the order that social profiles appear in your Knowledge Panel.

It’s important for your brand, users and Google that this information is accurate and the search giant is happy to make changes – as long as they’re accurate and in line with its policies.

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Michelle joined Vertical Leap’s Portsmouth office in 2011 as Marketing Manager, having spent the previous 15 years of her marketing career in the recruitment, leisure and printing industries. Her passions include dogs, yoga, walking, the beach, mountains and nice food.

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