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Google algorithm update

Since 2nd November 2023 we’ve had another Google core update to the algorithms rolling out. It is unusual to have two in such a short space of time (there was another one on the 5th October). There are no actions to take specifically and details on this in terms of impact are limited but general agreement is that is continues to bolster higher quality websites based on E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority and trust). We’ve not seen any significant impact across our active client portfolio.

Guidelines from Google on these updates can be found here. If you think you may have been impacted, the first step is to check the data and see if it was the update or one of the many other factors that can influence traffic changes. If you need help with this, just get in touch.

Google reviews system

Google updated their ‘reviews system‘ (the algorithm that deals with websites which publish reviews) on the 8th November, more information here. Please note this refers to websites which create editorial reviews and not the star reviews you see in search result pages.

Search Generative Experience

Finally, we are expecting Google’s new face of search – SGE (Search Generative Experience) – to be coming to our browsers in 2024. We don’t have a date specifically, just something to be aware of as it may have an impact on organic traffic from Google. You can read more about it here. Testing hasn’t been released to the UK so unfortunately we haven’t been able to play with it either. It does mean a potentially significant change to how the typical Google interface works leaning more on the likes of ChatGPT, resulting in a more conversational search experience. Exciting stuff, what a time to be an #SEOGeek.

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Dave Colgate

Dave is head of SEO at Vertical Leap. He joined in 2010 as an SEO specialist and prior to that worked with international companies delivering successful search marketing campaigns. Dave works with many of our largest customers spanning many household names and global brands such as P&O Cruises and Harvester. Outside of work, Dave previously spent many years providing charity work as a Sergeant under the Royal Air Force Reserves in the Air Cadets sharing his passion for aviation with young minds. He can often be found in the skies above the south coast enjoying his private pilot licence.

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