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Post archives for Dave Colgate

Dave joined Vertical Leap in 2010 and in 2019 became the Head of Enterprise SEO. He has a wealth of SEO experience, deep knowledge and particularly enjoys the strategy elements. When not doing SEO you can find him flying light aircraft over the Hampshire countryside.

Fast moving fish illustrating article about AMP pages

Mobile SERPs: Is AMP Important for SEO?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) first rolled out six months ago and Google made it clear more changes would be coming.
However, this is about to change as Google says AMP will display in the main stack of organic results. So how will this affect your mobile rankings and is it time to sign up to the AMP project?

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Outsource to get more left-brain marketing

Harvard Business Review (HBR) predicted in 2005 that there would be a fundamental shift in marketing operations. It stated that up until 2005 the domain of marketing was principally a creative one – or what it referred to as ‘right brain’ marketing. The experts predicted that the proliferation of technology would result in the need […]

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