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Post archives for Dave Colgate

Dave joined Vertical Leap in 2010 with a strong SEO and web development background, having worked on content management systems and eCommerce websites. With a creative flare, Dave combines his knowledge of design, usability and SEO with advanced technical skills for a broader view of search engine optimisation.

SEO for discontinued products

SEO tactics for discontinued products

What do you do with your ecommerce site product pages when they’re no longer available? Do you do anything at all? In this article, I will explain SEO best practice for taking care of them. Making sure you deal with your discontinued products is important for several reasons: The technical integrity of the site, to […]

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SEO tactics for product pages

Optimising an eCommerce site is often a huge task. In this article, I have some practical tips and advice on how to enhance your product pages. As I mentioned in my previous post, SEO tactics for eCommerce category pages, optimising an eCommerce site can be a daunting undertaking. This is especially true if you command hundreds or even thousands […]

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SEO tactics for eCommerce category pages

Getting the SEO right across an eCommerce platform is a monster task, regardless of whether you have 50 or 50,000 pages. In this article, I’ll cover some of the tactics that you can apply to your category pages, but before we dive in, let’s debunk a few myths. Myth #1 – Use content for SEO It’s important […]

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SEO checklist for eCommerce websites

If you own an eCommerce website, then this checklist is for you. Applying SEO practice to eCommerce websites can be horrendously confusing and time consuming, sometimes putting resources to poor use. So to make things easier we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist to make managing your site’s SEO much simpler. Getting the foundations of your website right is […]

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Learn how to get more from Google Analytics

On Wednesday 30 September at the eCommerce Expo in London I’ll be making a presentation to my peers at the Digital and Mobile Marketing Theatre. Here’s a taster of what I’ll be talking about! So much data As marketers we use data every day, all day long. I know I do. I use data to make […]

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Outsource to get more left-brain marketing

Harvard Business Review (HBR) predicted in 2005 that there would be a fundamental shift in marketing operations. It stated that up until 2005 the domain of marketing was principally a creative one – or what it referred to as ‘right brain’ marketing. The experts predicted that the proliferation of technology would result in the need […]

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SEO predictions – The future of SEO in 2015

2014, much like the last few years in SEO, was eventful for a number of reasons. From Google updates and changes in best practice, to tools that help us do our jobs, hardly a week went by without something of note happening. For those reasons, we at Vertical Leap are expecting more of the same for 2015. […]

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