Report: Q4 2020 Google trends for waste industry

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In this latest report from Google for the waste industry, there are some impressive increases across the board on queries, impressions and clicks. Here are the top level metrics plus advice from our search marketing experts on how to maximise this opportunity.

Top level stats include:

  • 37% overall search growth in Q4 2020 compared to the previous year
  • 45% increase in mobile search queries
  • 62% searches from mobile phones

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Q4 2020 and YoY growth – vs Q4 2019:

Google search trends for the waste industry showing queries, impressions clicks and ad depth
Google search trends for the waste industry showing indexed queries

Click here to read the full report

Advice from our search marketing experts

To capture as much of this opportunity as possible, some key areas to focus on are:

1. Mobile-friendly website is key

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly (our SEO team can check this for you). This isn’t just important for user experience – a good, fast mobile page can have significant impact on your quality score, meaning a better ad rank for a cheaper price.

2. Use ad extensions

An increase in ad depth suggests an increase in competitors. This, along with an increase in search terms, shows a higher demand and more companies jumping on the opportunity. So it’s time to get savvy and stand out from the crowd.

  • Use ad extensions, especially as sitelinks along with callouts, structured snippets and promotions. A/B test eye catching phrases in headlines whilst keeping relevant to your searches.
  • Use relevant sitelinks to direct customers that have searched more generic terms to more specific pages – rather than them scrolling through your site.

3. Think about search behaviour

Don’t just think about the terms that match your products, but how the user may search. E.g. ‘Tip open times’ could grab new customers for skip hire or other services. User search behaviour is always changing and strategies/targeting need to constantly adapt to reflect this.

3. Try responsive text ads

With the increase in mobile searches, you need to maximise your presence on mobile. Invest in Responsive Text Ads as these are more visible on mobile search.

Need help?

We have lots of experience in the waste management industry, working with the likes of TJ Waste, Hughes & Salvidge and The Waste Group. To talk to our waste experts, call us on 02392 830281 or drop us your details and we’ll call you.

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