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A high-performing website to support future growth

We helped PODFather create a high-performing lead generation website that would integrate with their CRM and support the future growth plans of the business.

The challenge

PODFatherLink opens in a new window provides SAAS-based software for logistic and mobile workforce management, to companies looking for a paperless solution.

They had developed their existing website in-house, but it was starting to experience performance issues and was no longer meeting the needs of the business.

They were looking to partner with an agency to build a new site and create a platform that would not only drive lead generation but also allow the business to grow in the future. Furthermore, they wanted to integrate the site with their CRM system to facilitate the direct placement of leads and manage their sales process.

PodFather website design case study showing their website app

Our solution

Working closely with the PODFather team, it was important to firstly understand the user journeys and the information architecture required to service these journeys. As always with web development, our SEO team got involved right at the very beginning to ensure that best practice SEO was prioritised throughout the build and to provide ongoing support post-launch.

Together we worked on a whole range of areas including:

  • Improving the navigation to drive more visitors towards conversions (contact forms, demo requests and phone calls).
  • Modernising the look and feel of the site in line with best practice to better position themselves against their competition.
  • Improving access to content to educate visitors on the software benefits to move them more efficiently along the user journey.
  • Increasing performance on mobile.
PodFather website design case study showing men working using the app

The result

The site migration was extremely successful with no drop in organic traffic. We have also put in place performance tracking, giving the marketing team at PODFather data about their conversions and site traffic that they’d never had before.

Combining this data with that from our own software Apollo Insights is now producing some powerful insights as we continue to help PODFather drive their business forward.

“I have been working with the team at Vertical Leap for the past year. We have created and launched a new website which, in just a matter of weeks started delivering excellent results. The team are professional, extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with.”
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