It pays to advertise on social media

With regular changes enforced by the social media platforms regarding what is displayed in news feeds, the only guaranteed way to connect with your social audience is via paid social advertising.

Social PPC is evolving at an incredible pace, presenting huge opportunities for brands to connect with their target audience at a very granular level. It is now an integral part of any social media strategy.

Right-people-(crosshair)Get your content in front of the right people

The most common reason for advertising on social platforms is to promote content – invest in getting your content seen by as many relevant people as possible.

Our social PPC experts can target a wide range of demographics including age, location, interests, relationship status, workplace, education, device and more.

Showing your ad to the right kind of person increases the chance of success.

social-discovery-(radar)Connect with prospects in discovery mode

Unlike the more well know PPC available in Google AdWords – where your adverts appear in response to a specific search, social media advertising allows you to connect with people in discovery mode.

Our experts will create adverts that cut through the mass of white noise to which your audience is constantly exposed.
They are continuously split-testing design and messaging at the most granular level to ensure that your campaigns are profitable.

Increase-brand-recognition-(Dial)Increase brand recognition to assist conversions

Another important role played by paid social advertising is assisting conversions. When managed correctly, the increased brand recognition that can be achieved on social platforms is proven to increase conversions on other paid advertising networks such as Google AdWords.

Vertical Leap’s PPC specialists ensuring that your social campaigns are always in full alignment with your wider advertising activity.

Scalable-capaigns-(slider)Scalable cross-platform campaigns

We manage all aspects of social media advertising across the main social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

We use our big data platform, Apollo Insights, to continually analyse campaign performance. This enables us to create streamlined, scalable campaigns that perform at maximum efficiency.

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