Social PR and insights

Social media is the only marketing channel where you can really get to know your audience – it offers open, two-way communication. Our specialists help you build a relationship with target customers and influencers. We are not just a social media marketing agency – our social team can call on the expertise of specialists in our other teams.

Using social media as an organic marketing channel requires diligence, consistency and time. We can help you gain from social media in a number of ways – from content promotion to reputation management. We call our social media marketing service ‘social PR’, because we help you grow your audience and get more people to read and engage with your content.

Social media services: ListenListening to social media

Everything starts with listening. How can you possibly know the best way to contribute to a conversation until you know what people are asking?
Our social media experts keep an eye on conversations – about your brand, your services, or things that interest your audience. They use our data platform, Apollo Insights, to identify what your prospects are searching for and talking about.

We can, as part of our social media service, report to you on the conversations that are taking place.

Social media agency reports on the conversationsConversations

Armed with all of this crucial insight, we can then involve your brand in conversations.

The conversations depend on your objectives. Do you want to react to questions, promote latest articles, host Q&A sessions… we do all of that for you. We represent your brand on social networks.

With Apollo Insights, we have a competitive advantage because we can see what your website visitors look for – what answers they are seeking.
A social media strategy is more powerful when it is backed by great content, and we provide this too, if you don’t already have it.

How a social media agency worksListen, engage, build

The type of day to day activities that we carry out for our customers as part of their social media services differs from company to company. After all, everyone’s target audience is different.

Once we’ve gained insight into your audience, we tailor our activities to best fit with their social media behaviour.
Examples include:

  • Content promotion
  • Campaign management
  • Competitions
  • Twitter chats
  • Customer service

Social advertising

Paid advertising on social media platforms is now an integral part of any social media strategy, enabling you to target specific areas of your audience more effectively. Our social media and PPC experts join forces in this area to ensure that any paid social advertising perfectly complements your wider-reaching, organic social activities.

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