What is conversion optimisation?


What is conversion optimisation?

Conversion optimisation is, to put it simply, about pre-sales customer experience. Let’s use a real world analogy. A colleague was recently shopping around for a house to rent. He spoke to and visited several estate agents. In the course of the few weeks it took to find a house, there are probably some landlords who lost out on finding a new tenant...

by • posted August 11th 2015



4 reasons your business needs an explainer video

Products or businesses can be tough to describe. Text content alone can feel heavy and not in-depth enough. Combine this with short buyer attention spans, and you have a dilemma on your hands. Let’s say you’re putting together a piece of furniture; what’s easier to follow, written or visual instructions? Explaining something visually is the perfect way to transfer information into...

by • posted July 22nd 2015

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Separating design from content in your digital strategy

As digital marketing tools evolve, we will probably see more of a move to agnostic CMS – where a brand owner is able to manage content independent from a website.

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Why you should optimise your email campaigns for mobile

Email marketing continues to be an excellent marketing channel when it comes to return on investment (ROI). In actual fact, email marketing generates the highest ROI of any marketing channel. It’s a big deal, the numbers don’t lie. However, for some companies the reality is different. They find their users aren’t engaged and campaigns aren’t getting the opens and click throughs...

by • posted July 10th 2015

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12 tips for good landing page design

Getting your landing page design right can make all the difference to your conversions. Here are 12 key tips to help you get the look and the message right.

by • posted June 4th 2015