How we work

User experience drives design

Our design team understands user requirements, organising options in a logical way and planning user journeys.

Before we even think about how your website, email or landing page will look, we examine:

  • How it needs to work
  • Who are you targeting – user profiles, what you want them to do onsite
  • What are you trying to achieve (selling products, educating your audience, shop window)
  • How it will scale to size
  • How it will work across devices
  • How it will be shared
  • How it will suit the different media used by your customers
  • How will it be found

Initial research and investment in this area is pivotal for creating an effective, long-term solution for your customers.

One website for all devices

Gone are the days of designing different websites for different screen sizes. When our design team builds your website they will do it once and it will work across desktop PCs, tablets and mobiles. We’ll build you an SEO friendly, responsive website that will work across all devices.

This means that every visitor to your website will always experience the most user-friendly journey possible, no matter what device they are viewing it on, this will reduce bounce rates and increase time spent onsite.

Better visibility means better performance

User-behaviour and preferences evolve; so should your website. We use our deep data platform, Apollo Insights, to continually monitor the performance of your website. We track the entire user journey to identify:

  • Which pages are getting found in search results
  • How long people are spending on each page
  • Which areas of the website lose the most visitors
  • Which conversion paths are the most effective
  • Which pages have the highest bounce rate or engagement
  • We A/B test to ensure the best possible results

This insight allows us to continually tweak the design to ensure that your website's performance is always improving.

The web design services we provide

All the design and development services we provide are orientated around SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), user experience and cross-device compatibility.

  • Responsive mobile websites
  • Logo design, banner design and comprehensive graphic design campaigns
  • Web and graphic design services to support social media, PPC adverts, landings pages and SEO services
  • Web development from start to finish to ongoing maintenance
  • Websites built in WordPress, Magento and other platforms
  • Hosting services and migration support
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • Animated video and logo stings

We are happy to welcome you to either our Portsmouth or London office for creative brainstorms.

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