BITESIZE: Google SEO News – April 2024

Latest Google news including selling its AI services, Search Generative Experience coming to the UK (well, sort of) and the March 2024 update still rolling out.

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Google thinking of selling AI features

First reported by the FT, Google seems to be creating plans to make a considerable change to their revenue model by charging for some AI-enhanced features of their search engine. This is due to the very high costs of computing associated with AI. What this will look like is yet to be seen but will impact more than just Google’s search products.

So what?

This is a step away from Google’s usual revenue model and may impact how Google launch their AI-based products in the future. In turn, this may impact our own delivery and the ways in which we do that on both a strategic and tactical level.

Google Search Generative Experience coming to the UK (well, sort of)

A report from the BBC says that Google is bringing AI-powered search answers to the UK, via a very small group of logged-in users. This is the first time it has been trialled in the UK and with Google I/O coming in May, there is the general expectation that Google is going to make more significant announcements about their AI and SGE efforts then. We’re keeping an eye out for any AI-generated answers and we’d be very interested to hear if you see anything interesting – please let us know!

So what?

Google’s upcoming changes could have a prolific impact on both paid and organic channels. This is also the first time anything like this has been released to the UK so it helps provide some insight into what is potentially around the corner.

March 2024 core update still rolling out

The March update we described in last month’s update is continuing to roll out (now over 4 weeks). This is longer than usual core updates and according to Google, this update is more complex. In an update on X they also mentioned that it “marks an evolution in how we identify the helpfulness of content”.

So what?

Changes to your metrics may not be ‘dramatic’ due to algorithm changes, they may appear more subtle. So identifying these changes and attributing them to algorithm updates enables an appropriate course of action to be put in place which aims to remedy any negative impact. Plus, studying such changes improves our own knowledge of these updates allowing us to adapt our own strategies and tactics.

Need help?

If you need help with anything covered in this round-up, drop us an email to [email protected] or submit your details here and we’ll be in touch.

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