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Data and analytics are at the heart of everything we do at Vertical Leap. In this section, our experts write about topics such as Google Analytics, data journalism and storytelling, data visualisation and lots more. This will help give your business a competitive edge by unearthing opportunities you may not have found.

Google Analytics showing on a laptop

Did you get an email from Google about switching you to Google Analytics 4?

By Adam Futer
Move to Google Analytics 4 now before GA3 is phased out

Move to Google Analytics 4 now before GA3 is phased out

By Adam Futer

How Google searches and consumer habits are changing

By Chris Pitt
lots of hands with thumbs up

Why you need a consent management platform on your website

By Callum Coard
Lighthouse in a storm

Google search data reveals the latest consumer priorities

By Chris Pitt
man holding laptop with the words GDPR in the middle

What a possible move away from GDPR means for marketers

By Chris Pitt
Data analytics on a screen

Google Consent Mode explained

By Kerry Dye
Analytics on a laptop

What is Google Signals and do you need it? 

By Callum Coard
life buoy being thrown into the sea

How we solved the big data burden – for us and our customers

By Mel Soutar
Bitesize: What is a propensity model?

Bitesize: What is a propensity model?

By Henry Carless
Chris Pitt - Managing Director at SEO agency Vertical Leap

Chris Pitt on why search data is a marketer’s biggest asset

By Michelle Hill
Google Analytics 4

Introducing the new Google Analytics 4

By Stuart Clark

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