BITESIZE: Latest Google SEO News – July 2024

Latest SEO news including research that shows where Europeans click after they've carried out a search on Google, and the latest spam update. Read below to get all the insights!

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Nearly 60% of Google searches don’t have a click

A new study published by a well-known SEO called Rand Fishkin, CEO of SparkToro, has found that a majority of searches performed by users result in no clicks. In the US this was 58.5% and in the EU 59.7%.

The findings for the EU discovered that of the 59.7%, 37.4% led to nothing and the browsing session ended (the user probably found their answer in the search results so there was no need to go further). 22.3% of that 59.7% performed another search. For the 40.3% that did click, 1.4% of them were to a paid ad, 24% of them went to another Google product (Maps, YouTube, News etc.) and 74.6% went to organic results.

That means for every 1,000 searches, 374 clicks go to the organic listings.

what happens after Europeans search


So what?

As we found out in Google’s DOJ trial last year, Google uses clicks to determine positions in search results, in a big way. Clicks drive client revenue from the organic channel, hence the importance of this. This has numerous implications in several directions, and it hugely depends on the industry, search intent and many other things. We’ll be using this to adapt our approach and tactics over time.

Another spam update

The June 2024 spam update finished rolling out after taking 7 days to do so on 27th June. This was a broad update targeting spam tactics generally.  Google’s systems are constantly operating on spam detection. However, they do more notable changes to how they work, and these are referred to as ‘spam updates’. This was one of them.

So what?

If you see changes in your traffic patterns from Google, it could be influenced by this update. If things decrease, it could mean a negative impact. You may also see increases because the competition was negatively impacted.

Bug in Google Search Console delaying access to data

The team have started reporting that this has improved as of today, however, since the beginning of the month we have been seeing delays in Google Search Console data coming through. Some customers are still experiencing this problem so just something to be aware of.

Need help?

If you need help with anything covered in this round-up, drop us an email to [email protected] or submit your details here and we’ll be in touch.

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