Report: Q4 2020 Google trends for the retail industry

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Below is an overview of the top level stats from Google for queries, impressions, clicks and ad depth for the retail industry in Q4 2020, compared to Q4 2019. You can access the full Google trends report here.

Top level stats include:

  • 21% overall search growth in Q4 2020 compared to the previous year
  • 28% increase in clicks
  • 67% of searches from mobile phones

Metrics snapshot

Q4 2020 and YoY growth – vs Q4 2019:

Metrics snapshot table Q4 2020 and YoY growth - vs Q4 2019

Click here to read the full report

Advice from our search marketing experts

With an increase in queries and impressions but also an increase in the number of competitor ads, you need to get savvy with your advertising if you want to stand out and capture as much of the extra traffic as possible.

1. Ad extensions

Ad extensions are very effective at boosting engagement and ad rank. There are a whole range of different ad extensions you can use including callout extensions such as ‘free delivery’, location extensions to encourage people to visit your store, affiliate extensions to help people find retail stores that sell your product, and so on. Check out our guide to ad extensions here.

2. Mobile-friendly website

Sounds obvious but with the increase in mobile searches, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. We can test this for you if you’re unsure. A good mobile experience is of course very beneficial to user experience but it can also have a positive effect on your PPC quality score.

3. Changing search behaviour

The world has changed significantly due to the pandemic which means search behaviour will have changed too. Make sure you’re up to date with the latest keyword trends and adapt your campaigns to match. Your keyword profile should be continually evolving with consumer behaviour so don’t get stuck in a rut using the same keywords else you’ll miss out on new opportunities.

4. Invest in dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing allows you to reconnect with lost visitors, including those who viewed a product on your website, abandoned a shopping cart and purchased products. Due to the personalised nature of dynamic remarketing, the ads can deliver higher than average return on investment compared to regular ads. Check out our guide to dynamic remarketing.

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