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It’s that time of year again where we turn our attention to the Christmas season. Whether this makes you jump for joy or recoil in horror, with just over two months to go it has to be done! This, of course, is a particularly important time of year for eCommerce sites, with attentions especially turned to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday is typically the last Friday of November and falls this year on the 27th. This is where shops all across the UK (and rest of the world) give great deals to their shoppers with massive savings on most of their products to encourage pre-Christmas sales. Cyber Monday is three days later and is relatively the same; however the deals are only available online. Of course, with eCommerce stores, you can benefit from both of these days.

So what do you need to be thinking about?

As Black Friday is typically one of the busiest days of the year for online stores, you should be prepared and have a plan of action set nice and early. Consider the amount of orders you could potentially get and whether you can handle this volume of deliveries. Do you need to take on temporary staff or alter your delivery options to help you make orders more manageable?

The same goes for the amount of products you’re selling. If you think it will become challenging to keep track of your stock numbers, consider temporarily taking down some less popular products so you can sell a smaller range more quickly and can keep on top of your stock.

Look out for our Black Friday countdown

Don’t panic about your preparations as we will be launching our countdown to Black Friday next week, taking you all the way to the end of November. Each week you’ll find a new post on our blog from one of our PPC experts giving you advice on how to prepare your site, such as how to:

  • Use PPC ads to generate awareness and interest before the sale
  • Set up specific campaigns/ad groups for the event
  • Make sure your budget is sufficient
  • Use shopping ad promotion text

Need help?

If you need advice or extra help preparing for Black Friday – or with your PPC campaigns in general – contact our specialists on 0845 123 2753 or submit your details here and we’ll call you! In the meantime, you might find these PPC-related articles useful:

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