Kerry Dye

Kerry Dye

Kerry is head of the SEO team working on small business campaigns. This is a position she has held since 2012, after working for the company since 2007 when she switched to specialising in SEO. Prior to working for Vertical Leap, Kerry held a number of in-house and agency roles in digital marketing, including managing the website for a round the world yacht race.

How to check content quality of a website

Content Marketing

How to check the quality of your website content 

We all know quality content is essential to a winning SEO strategy but how do you measure something like ‘quality’? In this article, we’re going to start by defining what quality content means in modern SEO – something many brands still struggle to clarify. Then we’re going to look at how you can check the quality of content before you publish...

by • posted February 28th 2018

2018: The year of small business SEO


2018: The year of small and medium business SEO

It’s fair to say smaller businesses haven’t always had the best relationship with search engine optimisation. No matter how much time and money you invest, there’s always a larger competitor willing to throw more time and money at climbing up the search ranking. Big businesses can pay for enterprise tools, hire the best search marketers and dedicate whatever time it takes...

by • posted February 12th 2018

What to do about negative reviews on Google My Business


What to do about negative reviews on Google My Business

Recently, we published an article looking at how you can get more Google Reviews to boost your brand’s reputation and attract more customers. It can feel like a disaster when the first negative review rolls in but this is all a natural part of the process and nothing to fear. In this article, we’re going to look at how to...

by • posted February 7th 2018

How to get more Google customer reviews on Google Maps?


How to get more Google reviews?

Google Reviews take away the big business advantage in local SEO by giving brands with the best reputation centre-stage. SMEs have the benefit of being flexible, which makes it easier to create a more personal customer experience and meet the unique needs of individual clients. This is something you should make the most of. The difficult part for SMEs is collecting enough reviews...

by • posted January 30th 2018

compass and map for Google local searches


Six tips for local SEO

Local SEO is a craft of its own – if you want your business to appear at the top of Google every time someone searches for your location and industry, you need to master it. In this blog, I will be concentrating on appearing in the actual local/maps listings (as shown below) for the search terms that trigger them. There are a number...

by • posted January 16th 2018

Evolution and revolution

Vertical Leap is now the first of a new type of digital agency - a cross between a traditional search/digital agency and a software service; one that combines specialist experts with a technology platform.

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