Study: The most important SEO ranking factors for travel brands in 2017


Study: The most important SEO ranking factors for travel brands in 2017

Google doesn’t rely on a single, fixed algorithm for each and every query anymore. The tech giant is now capable of analysing each search query and deciding which ranking factors are most appropriate – or, more specifically, in which order they should be prioritised. This means, as travel search marketers, we need to understand how Google approaches queries related to the...

by • posted August 18th 2017

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5 ways to improve travel UX with Google Analytics

Many travel brands have a poor reputation when it comes to user experience (UX). We’ve all come across those annoying forms, endless checkout processes and questionable mobile experiences while trying to sort out a holiday. And we’ve all given up on brands before making the purchase as a result. In fact, the SalesCycle Q4 2016 Remarketing Report puts booking abandonment rates at...

by • posted July 10th 2017

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Travel marketing: how to capture those ‘time-to-book-it’ moments

Over the past few months we’ve been looking at various micro-moments for travel purchases – and this week it’s all about those ‘time-to-book-it’ moments. This is where people make the vital decision and choose who they’re going to book with. For travel brands, these final interactions before the conversion are quite unique as well. Mobile has completely changed the way people...

by • posted May 22nd 2017

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4 reasons travel marketers should advertise on Bing

When you think of travel marketing, platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram are probably the first that come to mind. Poor old Bing doesn’t get a look-in with many advertisers – and this is fine by us. Because the travel marketers who do use Bing Ads are tapping into a resource overlooked by much of the competition. Bing’s underdog status is...

by • posted May 8th 2017

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Travel marketing: How to capture those ‘time-to-make-a-plan’ moments

Earlier this month we looked at how to capture travel leads at the beginning of the consumer journey. When people first start dreaming about that next getaway they generally turn to search engines, and Google calls those first few searches I-want-to-get-away moments. This week, we’re focusing on the next stage of the buying process: time-to-make-a-plan moments. These are the actions people...

by • posted March 28th 2017