Henry Carless

Henry Carless

Henry Carless joined Vertical Leap in 2012 as a PPC Campaign Delivery Manager. With over 8 years' experience in search engine marketing, Henry has extensive knowledge of paid search strategy and delivery. He has managed advertising campaigns for companies of all sizes over a wide range of industries, from startups to multinational partnerships with seven figure PPC budgets. In his spare time he enjoys brewing beer, surfing, art and photography.

Data visualisation: The Three Minute Guide for Marketers


The marketer’s three minute guide to data visualisation

Operationalising big data is a major challenge to overcome for the marketing industry. While machine learning helps you solve one piece of this puzzle, data visualisation is another step towards ‘making more sense’ of the information at your disposal. In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to use it for better decision making. While machines prefer to crunch numbers, us humans...

by • posted April 16th 2018

Attribution: Are you measuring PPC non-brand conversions wrong?


Are you measuring PPC non-brand conversions wrong?

While it’s true that branded search terms are far more likely to convert, they’re in short supply compared to non-branded queries. Unless you’re already an established brand, the majority of your traffic probably comes from non-branded search terms and maximising conversions from this traffic is high on your list of search marketing priorities. The problem is, we see many brands using...

by • posted September 18th 2017

Why analytics is nothing without data visualisation


Why analytics is nothing without data visualisation

Unless you work with data every day, it’s easy to overlook the importance of visualisation. After all, what did a pie chart ever do for anyone? Well, the truth is data on its own is pretty useless until you format it in a way that reveals actionable insights – and you need more than a few spreadsheets to do that. In...

by • posted August 14th 2017



Fixed fee PPC vs percentage of spend – which is best?

When looking for an agency to manage your PPC advertising, there are lots of different factors you need to take into account – one of which is how you will be charged. Should you opt for fixed fee or percentage of spend? In this article, we explain the difference between the two and why we choose the former. What is ‘percentage of...

by • posted June 22nd 2016



Black Friday Countdown #3: eCommerce Adwords 8 golden rules

When it comes to AdWords advertising, business owners want to know whether or not their campaigns are effective. There’s more to this than meets the eye, though. In fact, there are eight golden rules for discovering whether your AdWords campaign is effective. The two most common answers to the question of campaign efficiency almost always relate to conversion data: ‘Yes, it’s performing...

by • posted November 19th 2015

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