Dogs versus cats – which are best?

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We are a bunch of animal lovers at Vertical Leap – we used to have our own office dog Ozzie but he retired last year so now we just have to make do with dog and cat chats on Microsoft teams. Naturally this often leads to heated discussions as to whether dogs or cats are the best. So we thought it was about time we got it down in writing to decide once and for all which is the winner.

Stu Clark – SEO Specialist

“Dogs are obviously much better than cats as you can take them to pubs.”

Stu and his gorgeous Collie

Marie Turner – SEO Specialist

“This is Perseus (Percy for short). He’s called Perseus because his fur erupted in little white flecks like stars when he was a baby. Perseus liked to destroy stuff so it’s an apt name for him. Here’s why they’re better than dogs:

  • They’re the best
  • Quite a lot of cats are really cuddly and affectionate
  • They smell nice all the time
  • They’re the best
Marie and Percy

Bett Rogers – PPC Specialist

“We rescued Paddington back in February, when he was only 10 months old. We were a little concerned as to why he was given up so young, but it turned out he is a little gentleman with the sweetest nature. He stole our hearts immediately. He has been incredible for my mental health and improved my quality of life. Dogs force you to think about someone other than yourself, make sure you get out of the house every day, and on the worst days they’re there to cuddle up with. They don’t judge, they are only there to love.”

Bett and Paddington

Kirsty McLean – Head of Creative

“This is my kitten Koshka – she’s a Siberian cat and is 16 weeks old. She enjoys sitting on my shoulder like a parrot, destroying my houseplants and climbing EVERYTHING. She’s like a dog and follows me around the house – she even plays fetch with a little ball. She’s hands-down the best cat ever, and my whole family love her.”

Kirsty and Koshka

Michelle Hill – Marketing Manager

“Dogs dogs, dogs, all the way. There is no contest. Dogs win paws down. This is Bess – she isn’t mine unfortunately, I walk her through a charity called the Cinnamon Trust to give her owners a couple of rest days each week. She is a Labradoodle and absolutely adorable! Dogs are waaaaay better than cats, simply because they are dogs.”

Michelle and Bess

Nathan Tetley – Sales Support

“This is Daisy, aka the pig! She’s a 3 year old cocker spaniel. Her favourite activities are laying in bags, eating slippers / tea towels / moorhens and walking with all her friends at Leading Dogs in Kent. We also have weekly Facetimes and she loves to be kicked around the kitchen sliding all over the floor (not actually kicked!) Her favourite food is chicken and she has been described by onlookers as having chicken legs!

Why dogs are better than cats… its disappointing that I even have to answer this but I have made a list.

  1. Dogs are better than people
  2. They actually care about their owners
  3. My dog has got me more girls in the past three years than any ANY cat!
  4. They’re stupid (in a good way)
  5. I mean look at that pig!
  6. Cats are evil
  7. My dog doesn’t get fleas
  8. And you can’t walk a cat
  9. My dog is a babe magnet
Nathan and Pig

Zoe Gadd – PPC Specialist

“I can honestly say I love cats and dogs in equal measure. However, it is often said that cats aren’t as friendly as dogs… and that is simply not true!
Every evening Pixel & Pansie wait for me to return home from work so they can greet me with a chirpy meow each. Pansie will then sit on my shoulders (as in pic) whilst Pixel will lay flat on his back directly in front of me (his way of asking for his tummy to be ruffled). There’s no greater reward than a friendship with a feline.”

Zoe and Pansie

Callum Coard – PPC Specialist

“This is Jessie the Cocker Spaniel. She likes stealing socks and long walks on the beach. Dogs are better than cats in every single way except for being a scaredy cat about anything that moves!”

Callum and Jessie

Lee Wilson – Head of Services

“My cat is called Popeye and he’s 12, the dog is Bon-Bon and shes 10. Bon-Bon hassles Popeye all the time and tells him off for doing anything he shouldnt be doing, plus lots of times when he has done nothing wrong, but she likes to keep him aware who the boss is. They pretend that they don’t sleep close by each other, but secretly Bon-Bon sneaks next to Popeye (especially in the winter when it’s colder) and we find them cosying up the next day. Popeye is massively lazy and clumsy.  Bon-Bon hates pigeons being on the conservatory and goes nuts if she sees them – they often taunt her. “

Lee, Popeye and Bon-Bon

Nick Pearse – Head of Account Management

“Here’s our cat, Poppy. Spends her time sleeping, eating, catching mice and bringing them home, being hassled by my son Harry. Cats are cooler – they take care of themselves, they don’t smell and they poo in someone else’s garden!”

Nick and Poppy

Sally Newman – SEO Specialist

“This is my old doggy Sophie Tucker and she was a border terrier – we’re getting the same breed in about a month. Dogs are better than cats because you can bring them almost anywhere and they know when you or your loved ones need a cuddle…and that’s a gift.”

Sally and Sophie Tucker

Ben Olive-Jones – SEO Specialist

“This is ever-loving Sooty. He was rescued from an Romanian dog shelter and his hobbies include chewing everything that’s not nailed down, barking at nothing and begging for food.”

Ben and Sooty

Henry Carless – PPC and Data Science Specialist

“Of course, dogs and cats might be cool but gerbils rule. Here’s Pete (RIP)”

Henry and Pete

And the winner is….

Dogs. Sorry cats.

Disclaimer: The author of this post remained 100% independent throughout and was absolutely not biased in any way, whatsoever. Not at all.

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Michelle Hill

Michelle joined Vertical Leap's Portsmouth office in 2011 as Marketing Manager, having spent the previous 15 years of her marketing career in the recruitment, leisure and printing industries. Her passions include dogs, yoga, walking, the beach, mountains and nice food.

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