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Lee is Head of SEO for our Enterprise team of SEO specialists. Lee joined Vertical Leap in 2010 after heading up digital departments since the early 2000’s. Prior to joining Vertical Leap, Lee has had experience setting up and running his own company focused on search marketing, as well as working in-house, growing a national company into international audiences through online development. Lee can be found regularly writing about the SEO industry and has recently authored his own SEO industry book.

Google's mobile-first indexing: what does it mean for SEO?

Google’s mobile-first indexing: what does it mean for SEO?

Google has announced that mobile-first indexing is now rolling out, almost a year and a half since it originally unveiled plans to change the way it ranks mobile and desktop pages. During this time, the search giant has been experimenting and testing the implementation of a mobile-first search experience and now it’s ready to roll […]

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Search overtakes social media as top source of traffic

Search overtakes social media as top source of traffic

Last year, for the first time since 2014, search generated more referral traffic than social media. This was revealed in a new referral traffic report from Shareaholic, which analyses traffic referrals from more than 400 million users to roughly 250,000 sites across a diverse range of industries. Similar findings have been published by Chartbeat too. […]

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Enterprise buildings

Enterprise SEO: 4 unique challenges marketers face

There’s a common assumption that search engine optimisation is easier for bigger brands. Sadly, simply throwing more money at SEO doesn’t guarantee results and enterprise businesses face their own unique set of challenges with search optimisation. Above all, the competition gets stronger as your business grows and more of your budget gets spent on hosting […]

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Six questions a good SEO agency will ask you

Six questions a good SEO agency will ask you

When you’re looking for a new SEO agency, there’s one thing in particular you should expect. A good agency will always be more interested in your business than in pushing their own sales pitch. After all, your search marketing needs are unique.

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Search marketing news and what it means for marketers - Oct 2017

Search marketing news and what it means for marketers – Oct 2017

In this month’s news bulletin, we take a look at Google Stamp, purchases through smart speakers, Bing’s local pack results, new AdWords extensions and Twitter doubling its character limit. Say hello to Google Stamp Why does this matter for business? Although in its infancy, the sooner businesses start maximising mixed content creation, video and image content […]

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The ultimate SEO glossary

As search engine optimisation (SEO) continues to evolve, the key terms and phrases we need to know also change. So, as a UK agency providing SEO services, we thought it would be a good idea to create an SEO glossary of terms that we can keep updating for you, as time goes by. In other […]

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Killer SEO tips

10 killer SEO tips for 2017

After spending a few years in the background, SEO is in the spotlight once again in 2017. New technologies and an even more secretive Google makes for plenty of talking points; there hasn’t been this much speculation over the future of SEO for quite some time. Finally, the discussion has moved beyond long-tail keywords and mobile-friendliness. […]

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SEO best practice for images and video content

SEO best practices for images and video content

The role of visual content in SEO is bigger than many marketers fully understand. It’s widely accepted that Google prefers content which includes visuals and we know it makes things more engaging for users. This has a knock-on effect with other SEO signals like time on site, bounce rate and shares. Sadly, this only counts […]

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Search marketing news and what it means for marketers – Feb 17

In this month’s search marketing news round-up, we’re talking Bing Ad extensions, paid search on Amazon’s Alexa, new ranking signals for videos on Facebook and YouTube images appearing in image results. Read on to get all the latest news. Ad extensions scheduling (Bing) Bing recently announced that marketers can now choose when their extensions – […]

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Google ‘Reviews from the web’ give hotels and travel destinations a boost

Google recently introduced a new feature for local searches, which it’s calling Reviews from the web. Unlike the usual Google Reviews we’re used to seeing for local businesses, hotels and travel destinations, Reviews from the web are embedded from third-party sites directly into local search results. The feature is available worldwide on mobile and desktop right […]

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Search marketing news and what it means for marketers – Sept 2016

Goodness, these monthly news articles certainly come around quick! This month, we’re talking about a mobile pop-up penalty, critic reviews displaying in search results, running experiments in the Google Display Network and the new sitelinks data now showing in Analytics. Google penalty for mobile pop-ups As part of an ongoing drive for Google to make mobile content […]

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Google’s Keyword Planner just got a whole lot less accurate

Google’s Keyword Planner is the quintessential tool for keyword research. Marketers have relied on it for years and no SEO or PPC campaign would do without it. However, there’s always been a question mark hanging over the accuracy of Google’s keyword data. So the last thing you would want to hear is that Google has […]

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Marketing expert using tablet to catch up on latest search marketing news

Your search marketing round-up for June 2016

They say that ‘search never sleeps’, and June certainly supports this statement! Discover the latest news from Google, SEO, PPC and search marketing, in our digital round-up for June. Industry updates have been frequent and varied, including; Google widening the main search results in a major redesign test, industry stats showcasing the two trillion searches […]

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Conceptual image of a girl with a home made rocket on her back reflecting SEM knowledge fueling insight

Your search marketing round-up for April 2016

March saw the launch of Google Analytics 360, the warning of an SEO mobile ranking update due in a matter of days, and the testing of images in search engine results pages snippets. There has also been a ‘little’ (industry-shaking) update to how PPC ads are displayed that you may have heard about too. All in […]

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hand press on information button on virtual screen

Your search marketing round-up for March 2016

The search marketing industry moves at a fast pace and the past few weeks have been no exception. In this round-up we look at the top industry changes that you need to watch out for; and provide some insight into what they might mean for you and your business. This round-up includes: Google removes paid […]

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Thin content, Google penalties and SEO

What is thin content and why does it matter?

Thin content is not just about Google and SEO, so don’t restrict your focus to the algorithm impact (Panda) or manual penalties. Thin content is part of a much bigger picture! [contents] [chapter name=”Google thin content penalties”][/chapter] I appreciate this post was introduced as thin content being more than just SEO – and that is true – […]

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Search industry update – Jan 2016

Here’s a quick round-up of what’s been happening in the search industry. Our search oracles have been looking to the future It’s the time of the year when predictions come to the fore, and our search experts at Vertical Leap have been looking at SEO and content marketing predictions for 2016 and beyond: SEO predictions for […]

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