Your search marketing round-up for June 2016

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They say that ‘search never sleeps’, and June certainly supports this statement! Discover the latest news from Google, SEO, PPC and search marketing, in our digital round-up for June.

Industry updates have been frequent and varied, including; Google widening the main search results in a major redesign test, industry stats showcasing the two trillion searches handled by Google a year (min), significant changes to mobile bid adjustments, plus insights into the most common digital marketing mistakes people make (and how to avoid them).
Group of tech savvy marketers digesting the latest search marketing news on mobile devices and tablets

Google Ad 4-pack now shown for 23% of all online searches

Google four pack

A quarter of search engine results in Google now display a fourth sponsored listing at the top of the page for highly commercial terms. This is one of the direct impacts seen since the removal of the adverts displayed on the right-hand side and was reported on by  Search Engine Watch.

Most common marketing mistakes in digital

Yes, even digital marketing experts make mistakes. The most common ones cited by Search Engine Land in a recent webcast include:

  • The ‘bad content’ booby trap
  • Not setting realistic goals and time frames
  • Failing to create effective mobile-ready websites for B2B audiences

At least two trillion and less than a quadrillion


That’s the number of worldwide searches handled by Google every year, Search Engine Land revealed this week:

“Google did confirm to Search Engine Land that because it said it handles ‘trillions’ of searches per year worldwide, the figure could be safely assumed to be two trillion or above. After all, you can’t do trillions of searches — plural — unless it’s two or more.”

Source: Search Engine Land ‘Google now handles at least 2 trillion searches per year

AdWords to enable a mobile base bid by splitting up tablet and desktop

In a significant change which is great news for paid search marketers, Google announced that advertisers will be able to set individual bid adjustments for each device type, including mobile, desktop and tablet.

This will give advertisers a greater level of control and allow for a wider range of bid adjustments across devices.

Source: Google Inside AdWords ‘Ads and analytics innovations for a mobile-first world’

Google: It’s rare I’d recommend you start a new site after a penalty

That’s the advice from John Mueller of Google as said on a recent Google+ hangout. This particular point is made at 4:52 into the video, which you can watch below.

Tie your sites together with property sets in Search Console

On May 23rd, the Webmaster Central Blog for Google announced a way to combine mobile app, mobile website and desktop website visibility tracking through Google Search Console (GSC).  Google announced ‘property sets’ which will enable website owners to combine these data sets in a single group for more effective aggregate analysis of clicks and impressions from a single report.

That’s all folks

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