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How to find (almost) any email address: tricks of the trade

Outreach can cover many areas; online PR, asset promotion, content pitches, news sharing, broken link outreach and, in some cases for SEO, link removal requests. A great way to improve the response rate of your outreach is to ensure you are getting in touch with the right person. How do you find the best contact information for […]

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The journey of an eyeball

The ability to measure digital marketing at a granular level is both a blessing and a curse. As digital touch-points are easy to measure, we can make the mistake of paying too much attention to last click attribution, even though so many other marketing channels have played a role through the sales funnel.

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Skyline by Night

How to track your leads using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most widely used statistics package for websites. It is used on more than half of the sites on the internet. One of the most powerful features is its ability to track the actions that users take on your website. This is the ‘goals’ feature. This means you can segment out the […]

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Brighton SEO

A day at Brighton SEO with Vertical Leap

We attended Brighton SEO to see some amazing speakers, but instead of the usual event reviews we wanted to bring you something a little different. We interviewed a variety of presenters to find out what they wanted to get out of Brighton SEO.

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Should you delete dead web pages?

Why would you want to keep pages on your site if no one is looking at them? Conversely, will you damage the website if you remove those pages? In this article we examine the pros and cons of deleting dead or under-performing web pages.

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How to check for a penalty in your website data - diagnosing visibility drops

How to use website data to spot a penalty

A website under a Google penalty can suffer a devastating loss of traffic, especially if it is affecting the whole site. If your website suffers a big drop in organic search traffic, your first question may be, “Have we been penalised?”

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