Chris Pitt

Chris Pitt

Chris is Head of marketing for Vertical Leap. He has worked in sales and marketing roles across many different industries. Before working for Vertical Leap, Chris was the marketing manager for a group of tax, accountancy and payroll companies. It was in this role that he discovered the opportunities that digital and technology offered to marketing.

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Some of the best travel chatbots we’ve seen so far

Travel is one of those industries enjoying the best of chatbots right now. From booking flights to general travel advice and innovative customer service, chatbots are changing the consumer travel experience – and they’ve only just got started. So while we’re excited to see what the bots can come up with over the rest of 2017, let’s take a look at...

by • posted February 20th 2017

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How Google is changing the search marketing game for travel brands

The travel industry is an integral part of Google’s long-term plans to stay competitive – and it’s taking an active role in changing the way we travel. The tech giant isn’t just on a mission to improve the Google experience, but also make it harder for competitors to muscle in on its users. Things have changed a lot in the past...

by • posted February 17th 2017

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Intelligent algorithms may save us from being overwhelmed by data

We are in an age of information and connectivity. The amount of available data that a marketer can access is incalculable. With enough dedication, data and creativity, marketers can drill down into the minutiae of a person’s online behaviour and send highly targeted marketing messages. One of my favourite data plus marketing stories is the guy who pranked his flatmate by...

by • posted January 30th 2017



5 reasons retail marketers are going nuts over chatbots

Chatbots are making a big impact on the marketing industry, we look at the way they are changing the way that users buy products both online and offline.

by • posted January 10th 2017

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Only 8% of shoppers use retailer apps – what next?

For retailers, mobile apps were the marketing channel that never took off. We look at why only 8% of shoppers use retail apps, and what to expect next.

by • posted December 13th 2016

Evolution and revolution

Vertical Leap is now the first of a new type of digital agency - a cross between a traditional search/digital agency and a software service; one that combines specialist experts with a technology platform.

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