Chris Pitt

Chris Pitt

Chris is Head of marketing for Vertical Leap. He has worked in sales and marketing roles across many different industries. Before working for Vertical Leap, Chris was the marketing manager for a group of tax, accountancy and payroll companies. It was in this role that he discovered the opportunities that digital and technology offered to marketing.

Study: The most important SEO ranking factors for travel brands in 2017


Study: The most important SEO ranking factors for travel brands in 2017

Google doesn’t rely on a single, fixed algorithm for each and every query anymore. The tech giant is now capable of analysing each search query and deciding which ranking factors are most appropriate – or, more specifically, in which order they should be prioritised. This means, as travel search marketers, we need to understand how Google approaches queries related to the...

by • posted August 18th 2017



The dangers of data overload and decision fatigue

For years, you’ve heard the key names in marketing talk about big data, testing and conversion optimisation – all in the name of making informed decisions. Then you have the tales of small tests having major impacts on conversion rates, which make it hard to resist testing every detail on your most important pages. While these CRO success stories are great...

by • posted June 13th 2017



Machine learning is much bigger than just Google

There are plenty of articles covering machine learning right now but most of them talk about how it will impact search engines and the way we optimise for them. Which is fine, except there is another side of the story: what machine learning will do for marketers. It’s time to stop obsessing about Google’s algorithm and realise that machine learning is much bigger...

by • posted May 15th 2017



Will payments make chatbots the next big thing in eCommerce?

Earlier this month, Kik CEO Ted Livingston said payments are all that’s needed for chatbots to live up to last year’s hype. He says the technology is in “a holding pattern until we get mobile payments,” but insists he’s seen enough “magic” to know it’s only a matter of time until bots become the next big commerce platform. Livingston’s comments make...

by • posted May 2nd 2017

Voice waves


Can search survive in an age of conversational UI?

The latest interface connecting us with the online world is one we don’t necessarily see or touch. Devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo are the first of many to bring conversational UI into our living rooms and the likes of Facebook, Apple and Microsoft will soon follow suit. The future web will be one powered by voice technology and conversational...

by • posted April 11th 2017

Evolution and revolution

Vertical Leap is now the first of a new type of digital agency - a cross between a traditional search/digital agency and a software service; one that combines specialist experts with a technology platform.

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