Chris Pitt

Chris Pitt

Chris is Head of marketing for Vertical Leap. He has worked in sales and marketing roles across many different industries. Before working for Vertical Leap, Chris was the marketing manager for a group of tax, accountancy and payroll companies. It was in this role that he discovered the opportunities that digital and technology offered to marketing.



5 reasons retail marketers are going nuts over chatbots

Chatbots are making a big impact on the marketing industry, we look at the way they are changing the way that users buy products both online and offline.

by • posted January 10th 2017

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Only 8% of shoppers use retailer apps – what next?

For retailers, mobile apps were the marketing channel that never took off. We look at why only 8% of shoppers use retail apps, and what to expect next.

by • posted December 13th 2016


Content Marketing

5 tactics every retail marketer should be using in 2017

It’s official: retail marketing is sexy again. The likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and co. are creating new consumer experiences to shorten the buying journey between those first searches or ads and the final purchase. This means you need to adapt to a new kind of shopping process; one where less time is spent on websites and more of it in...

by • posted October 20th 2016



Google wants to become the ultimate selling tool for fashion retailers

Google’s on a mission to become the ultimate selling tool for fashion retailers with a new experience it’s calling Shop the Look. The search engine is already a trusted tool for people on the lookout for fresh attire, but the new setup is designed to make items more tempting and increase sales. As always, there’s a nice integration with Google’s paid...

by • posted October 11th 2016



Forget the AdWords vs social ads debate: Use both or lose out

Every time a new marketing approach hits the scene, the same thing happens. For a year or so the marketing community is abuzz with debate. When social media arrived it was search vs social. When email made a comeback it was content vs email marketing. Now the debate hangs over paid advertising and the big topic is AdWords vs social ads....

by • posted August 16th 2016

Evolution and revolution

Vertical Leap is now the first of a new type of digital agency - a cross between a traditional search/digital agency and a software service; one that combines specialist experts with a technology platform.

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