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Podcast: 3 great alternatives to Google Ads

Categories: Events, Podcast, PPC

In this episode we give you 3 great alternatives – eBay, Amazon and Pinterest – to the primary PPC platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook. Leading the conversation are two of our highly experienced and knowledgeable PPC specialists at Vertical Leap, Matt McCullough and Callum Coard.

We discuss:

  • Alternative ad options – eBay, Amazon and Pinterest
  • Traffic and competitiveness
  • Setting these ads up and ongoing optimisation 
  • Other ad alternatives


Matt joined the Vertical Leap team in March this year with 7 years of digital marketing experience. He specialises in PPC management helping businesses increase their ROI across multiple ad networks.

Callum is a PPC Specialist and joined Vertical Leap in early 2019. He believes the future of commerce and business will continue to innovate online and no other industry is as exciting or changes as much day by day.


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