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Data and analytics are at the heart of everything we do at Vertical Leap. In this section, our experts write about topics such as Google Analytics, data journalism and storytelling, data visualisation and lots more. This will help give your business a competitive edge by unearthing opportunities you may not have found.

Clarity of vision looking through glasses at city skyline

Data-driven attribution modelling explained (part 2)

By George Karapalidis
5 apples in a row with one greener than the rest

Marketing attribution models explained (part 1)

By George Karapalidis
Upwards trending arrow image to illustrate blog on using event tracking

How to use event tracking to significantly improve your website

By Stuart Clark
Image of a dog for: Predictive analytics for PPC

Using predictive analytics to increase PPC sales – without increasing your budget

By Michelle Hill
Data journalists?

How to write like a data journalist

By Steve Masters
What is data storytelling? Plus 5 great examples

What is data storytelling? Plus 5 great examples

By Steve Masters
Can data predict the winner of the World Cup?

Can data predict the winner of the World Cup?

By George Stone
Abstract image showing the different journeys e-commerce buyers take when navigating the internet

How to build a buyer intent model with keyword classification

By George Karapalidis
Five examples of data science in travel

Five examples of data science in the travel industry

By Duncan Sills
Raw data translated into a 3D diagram with data visualisation

Four ways data visualisation can help marketers

By George Karapalidis
A network of binary data forms a human face

Three great examples of data science in marketing

By George Karapalidis
Data visualisation: The Three Minute Guide for Marketers

The marketer’s three minute guide to data visualisation

By Henry Carless

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