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Content marketing 2016

Content marketing 2016: What to expect

A new year means new marketing plans. Check out our predictions for the content marketing landscape throughout 2016. You’ve no doubt began meeting with your marketing team to devise strategies and campaign ideas for the coming 12 months, and content marketing – just as it has been throughout the past decade – has once again […]

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Online delivery: What’s most important to customers?

Think you know what matters most to your online customers when it comes to your delivery service? Well, the truth might actually surprise you. We spoke to hundreds of online shoppers and discovered what’s most important to them. Cost? Time? Flexibility? Insurance? It turns out these factors are of greater significance to some age groups […]

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The 7 most annoying things about website checkouts

Fed up of abandoned baskets? Well, perhaps these near-customers were fed up of your website checkout process. To improve yours and ensure you convert more customers, make sure you’re not making the mistakes highlighted in this article… ‘Unexpected item in bagging area’ – a bit silly really, when you consider the bagging areas of self-service […]

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Marketing managers and IT developers: A blossoming marriage

Marketers are no longer Don Draper-esque artistes, focusing solely on a creative and not giving data and measurement the time of day. Likewise, IT crowds and technology professionals are no longer confined to the basements, “de-magnetising” the internet like Stephen Hawking himself. In my previous blog, I explored the battles between marketing managers and designers […]

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Marketing managers vs designers: How to get on the same page

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” – Barack Obama said that. Encouraging words, aren’t they? Encouraging, but not at all accurate when it comes to the work of marketing managers. Thanks anyway, Mr President. You see, the quote doesn’t take into consideration the impact […]

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Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: The perfect location for digital marketers to make waves

Historic dockyards, royal visits, hundreds of sailors, big-budget film shoots, and even a laser quest; it can only be Her Majesty’s Naval Base (HMNB) in Portsmouth. It’s the oldest base in the Royal Navy, with the first dock built back in 1194. A lot has happened here in more than 800 years: Ships from the […]

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Content ideas

How to come up with content ideas

When we’re coming up with content ideas for clients, we always start with the nitty-gritty – getting deep into the data. The important thing to remember is that, even if an idea seems too big or too small initially, you should always note it down.

You may be able to draw inspiration from it when your brain goes blank, says Journalist Jack Stanton.

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