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Whether you’re interested in finding out about marketing automation or big data you’ll find a range of martech blog articles from our specialists here.

What can machine learning do for me right now in marketing?

What can machine learning do for me right now in marketing?

It’s no longer a question of whether machine learning is ready for marketing, it’s a question of whether marketers are ready to make the most of it. Yet, many practitioners still have mixed feeling about this much-hyped technology. Is machine learning still incubating or is it already in work places? In this post, we outline what is already being […]

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The war of algorithms – a race to arms

During the next few years, marketing is going to experience severe disruption that will result in greater market share for larger companies, leaving SMBs to fight for a decreasing share of highly niche verticals. This disruption will force all businesses to drastically rethink how they approach marketing, but the effect won’t be limited to in-house […]

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