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Content marketing

Check out our archive of content marketing blogs to learn how to use data to discover content ideas, how best to promote your content on social platforms plus other useful tips and advice.

How to identify (and fix) thin content

The main purpose of your website is for it to be of use to your visitors, and Google agrees, which is exactly why it hates thin content. Yet a huge number of website owners were recently hit by manual penalties from Google – it seems the search engine has begun cracking the whip again. To […]

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The journey of an eyeball

The ability to measure digital marketing at a granular level is both a blessing and a curse. As digital touch-points are easy to measure, we can make the mistake of paying too much attention to last click attribution, even though so many other marketing channels have played a role through the sales funnel.

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Using data to identify content opportunities

Using website data to discover content ideas that work

One of the most satisfying aspects of working with marketing teams is helping people to discover untapped opportunities that lead to meaningful results. In this article, I will show you how to increase your website traffic from data you already have access to, as well as highlighting additional benefits everyone can derive from having all of the […]

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Content ideas

How to come up with content ideas

When we’re coming up with content ideas for clients, we always start with the nitty-gritty – getting deep into the data. The important thing to remember is that, even if an idea seems too big or too small initially, you should always note it down.

You may be able to draw inspiration from it when your brain goes blank, says Journalist Jack Stanton.

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