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Whether you’re interested in finding out about marketing automation or big data you’ll find a range of martech blog articles from our specialists here.

Marketing managers and IT developers: A blossoming marriage

Marketers are no longer Don Draper-esque artistes, focusing solely on a creative and not giving data and measurement the time of day. Likewise, IT crowds and technology professionals are no longer confined to the basements, “de-magnetising” the internet like Stephen Hawking himself. In my previous blog, I explored the battles between marketing managers and designers […]

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Introducing marketing automation to your website

Marketing automation software is an investment. A very worthy one, but investments cost money. What if you aren’t ready to invest hard cash in third party software to handle all your automated marketing campaigns? You may have the desire but not the people to manage such a thing. There are some things you can do […]

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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a phrase you will be hearing a lot, if you haven’t been hearing it already. You could say that marketing automation is CRM evolved. CRM (or customer relationship management) has been a big feature of marketing since brand owners realised the internet had potential. Many software companies – from enterprise level down […]

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Why every marketing manager needs a dashboard

It’s natural for businesses to have their eyes fixed forward, looking to the future in anticipation of what could happen next. In all truth, though, you won’t get anywhere unless you understand where you are already. This is why metrics are so important to companies and, more specifically, their marketing managers. They tell you what’s […]

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TFM&A 2015: The key trends from Vertical Leap Search Marketing Agency

TFM&A 2015: The key trends

Marketing, like most other industries, is in the midst of a digital revolution. Technology is rapidly changing the way brands interact with their audiences, and while challenges exist, the rewards are simply too great to ignore.

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