Steve Masters

Steve Masters

Steve is Services Director for Vertical Leap. He started professional life as a magazine journalist, working on music magazines and women's titles before becoming a web editor in 1997, then joining MSN to work purely in online publishing. Since 1999 he has worked for and consulted to a broad range of businesses about their digital marketing.

GDPR for Marketers: A Three Step Guide


The GDPR three-step guide for marketers

Being compliant with GDPR is easy. Here is a three-step process for compliance. If you think it is all about email marketing consent, think again.

by • posted May 16th 2018



What we learned from 9.7 million search queries

Now you can forecast your traffic from organic search results, because we have recorded the average click-through rate at different positions in search results using 9.7 million distinctive queries.

by • posted March 7th 2018

It’s time to optimise for Google as a recommendation engine


It’s time to optimise for Google as a recommendation engine

Ask anyone what Google is and the most likely answer will be that it’s a search engine, which is pretty hard to argue with. The tech giant’s most important platform is called Google Search, where people type in queries and get search results in return. Pretty conclusive stuff. Except the nature of search is drastically changing, as Google further integrates machine learning...

by • posted December 5th 2017



The 5 pillars of a successful SEO campaign

Search engine optimisation becomes more difficult to define every year. As SEO crosses borders with content marketing, web development and various other parts of your marketing strategy, it’s hard to draw the lines between them at times. So we thought it might be a good idea to clarify the state of search optimisation in 2017. There are five key ingredients to...

by • posted June 9th 2017

8 Google Trends Tips Anyone Can Use


8 Google Trends tips anyone can use

The guys at Google are probably lucky enough to have all kinds of trend data at their fingertips. For the rest of us, Google Trends is limited. While Google Trends does offer some insights into demand for current affairs topics, without you asking, you don’t get all the answers. If, for example, you know that GDPR is trending, you can’t use Google Trends...

by • posted April 20th 2017

Evolution and revolution

Vertical Leap is now the first of a new type of digital agency - a cross between a traditional search/digital agency and a software service; one that combines specialist experts with a technology platform.

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