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How to create content for conversational UIs

Whether you plan to develop a chatbot to facilitate the sales process, assist with customer support chores or provide important product updates, you will need to pay special attention to your content strategy. Content design for conversational UIs abides by slightly different ‘rules’ than you may be used to.

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Five industries that are nailing AI

Five industries that are nailing AI

Ten years ago we believed that computers were remarkable tools but that they would always require programming by humans. Now, computers learn from the data they analyse, fine-tuning themselves over time. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a reality.

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Localising travel campaigns on PPC and social media - a beginner's guide

Beginner’s guide to localising your travel campaigns

Mobile has changed the way people travel, both before and during their trips. They can plan their next getaway during their tea breaks, on the bus or while they’re waiting in line at the checkout. Studies show people are spending more time researching upcoming trips and in more detail before they make any kind of travel booking. Here’s how you need to localise your campaigns to target consumers before and during their travels.

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Actions Stations - Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Vertical Leap Customer Day 2018

Our 2018 Customer Day will take place on Wednesday 18th July at the No 6 Cinema, next door to our offices in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. And we’re delighted that Microsoft will be one of our guest speakers!

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